Cybersecurity: The biggest issue of 2017

The pace of online breaches happening around is same as the digital proliferation today. Let’s consider the time few years back, the impact of a breach wasn’t much, however, since we are too digital now, the impact of any such breach is hard hitting. The corporate leaders are full aware of the increasing threat, but not reacting, the way they should. It becomes more alarming to know that the little tools, the cyberpunks were using have advanced much to be called as weapons. Can you hear it coming?

To more dismay, all corporate companies have been hit big or small, someway. Still yet, the precautionary measures for cyber defense are not in place much. If they do not see it, they do not know it, is a deadly mindset, whatever said and done!

Talking of internet of things, the vulnerability of things too has increased. From banks, shopping, forex and recreation every thing is increasing leaps and bounds on the web. Take care of where you give your personal information. Like many others there is this, this site will delete your private information from websites to ensure safety.

They say, with technology advancement everywhere, the security layers are also getting strong. Does this mean that the hackers and spammers are not determined enough? Unfortunately, this isn’t so! Their advancement has not limited either. We just spoke about their little tools becoming weapons, so have their ways become smarter.

Keen organizations should look to individual training and awareness. The biggies think that their people are adequately aware of the situation, but they are sadly mistaken. The awareness is superficial. Employees should be aware of the netiquettes. Lot of people don’t know what they should know and hence are susceptible to manipulations and phishing. These organizations should join hands and adopt good and active defense principles.

The threat is hovering, every tick of the clock. So, we better be full up and about it, lest it’s late.

Guidelines For Music Production

                                                Guidelines For Music Production

For creating any song composition, the vocals and the instruments such as keyboards and guitars play a vital role. But for music production, one needs to learn to arrange and mix various sounds for each of the tracks so that it sounds more professional.

  • The most essential device to carry on all such processing is the computer or any portable device such as iPads and tablets. Also, you need easy to use software samples for music production which the computer will run. Such software is responsible for the mixing, recording and mastering of music tracks. This is known as sequencer. The price range of the sequencers usually varies and can arrange unlimited number of tracks.
  • External sounds like vocals, guitars, violins, pianos or synthesizers can be recorded and arranged with the help of the sequencer. The actual audio information is contained in the digital audio tracks. It also contains the waveform recorded of the external instrument.
  • Most of the sequencers can recreate sounds of keyboards, drum kits, guitars with the help of a connected keyboard or the mouse. These are known as virtual instruments. After recording is done, such notes can be edited or can be even moved around with the help of sequencer’s editor just by clicking and dragging them on the screen.
  • Another internal sound which is known as sample is audio used for creating melodies, riffs or vocal parts.
  • These days recording means processing the external sounds like instruments and vocals into the computer system. This could be recording individual members or just recording the music of the guitar. One of the important parts of music technology is the interface. An interface allows the guitarist, drummer, vocalist or the bass player to directly plug into the computer system and start playing and recording into the tracks. The interface used should be of the best quality to get the best recording quality.


Wireless Guitar Systems Versus Wired Guitar Systems

The advance in technology has its effects on musical instruments and accessories and as to how ‘live’ stage performances are being conducted world-over. And, the change can be felt in performances where guitar is a much-needed instrument and comparisons between the tonal quality of the wired and wireless versions cannot be avoided.

Wireless Guitar Setup:

A look at why the fuss around the wireless systems, will tell you that these systems spell sheer convenience in terms of movement on stage and cut down on the hassles of cables and wires running all over the stage. They do not improve the tonal quality as such, but a good system does not deteriorate it as well. In fact, a good wireless system brings out the tonal quality of the guitar instrument and presents it as it is, clear and loud.

A good quality analogue wireless system can protect the tone of your guitar and needs to be suitably equipped to compress the dynamic audio range in the transmitter and expand in the receiver. Though this kind of system can probably not recover the original audio signal as it is.

With the advent of digital wireless guitar setups, the audio signal is transmitted from analogue to a digital convertor, where the full dynamic range of the input signals are transmitted and received fully.

Wired Guitar Setup:

A good wired system on the other hand can be tailored to suit the frequency range of your instruments be it electrical, bass, or acoustic. They tend to reduce the noise interference, because they protect the conductor from any electrical interference. However, it is prudence to shield the cables from possible sources of interference like radios, power supplies etc.,

The capacitance and connectors need to be of excellent quality, and the cables must have a good screening capacity and great frequency response, if the wired system must produce the desired effects.

The Conclusion: bot the wired and wireless guitar setups come with their own pros and cons. With a good quality brand/product, both deliver flawless professional results. It may be worthwhile to spend extra on an excellent wireless system that spells convenience and ease-of-use.

Women in tech: The survivors guide

Women in tech: The survivors guide

The number of women working in tech industries is at an all-time high, but they are still a minority compared to the number of male workers. The salaries of men and women still differs, but with the rising popularity of tech as a career for women, this needs to change soon.

A tiny minority of women feel a tech career is the ideal choice for them, and half the number of female students are recommended to pursue such a career compared to male students. Therefore, if you want to become successful in the field of technology, you have to do something to stand out from the crowd.

It’s necessary to take risks to do well in a tech career. If you are the only women in the workplace you have to speak your mind and try not to worry that you will sound ‘like a girl’. Show the team what you can add as a woman, that men on the team may not have to offer. Make sure you are seen as an asset rather than a liability by always doing the best you can.

Woman are great a taking care of the kids and have always traditionally taken care of them. However, these days they are finding that they want to pursue a career in the market place, which is causing unusual family dynamics.

To succeed in any career path, you need to be proactive – don’t wait for opportunities to come to you, actively seek them out. You have to constantly work to improve yourself, and ask the right questions. Even if you don’t always feel confident, act confident at all times and you will be sure to outperform your male colleagues.

Many of the biggest tech companies are now making a conscious effort to increase the percentage of female employees they have. They are making attempts to allocate more of their female staff to high-visibility projects, in order to encourage more women to remain interested in their careers.


Guide on Promoting Your Start-up Effectively

Guide on Promoting Your Start-up Effectively

Whosoever has ever started his or her business in the past would agree that this is an extremely frightening endeavour. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as the saying “build it and they will come” sounds. Such quotes do not hold much advantage for us and the inspiring overnight success stories shared with us time and again are basically the outcome of tremendous hard work done to establish the venture. In simple words, it is a huge challenge to frame and implement your marketing strategies for a start-up as you have limited resources in terms of time, talent and money.

It is really important for you in this phase of your business to be extremely sure of each and every effort you make. They have to be well-crafted and executed by you as flawlessly as possible. The real challenge comes when the strategies don’t work as per your plan. This is the time to be patient and find out ways that can assist you in obtaining your goals swiftly.

How execute marketing plan for start-ups

Here are some of the most creative ideas that can help you in marketing your new company in the most effective way:

  • Make a strategy that allows your target audience to connect with you. Reach them in a way that is unique in the market and captivate their minds with your ideas in order to influence them to invest in your products and services.

  • Engage your audience through different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Keep sharing innovating ideas on these podiums and make sure that they are strong enough to keep the people keen to know more about your offerings.

  • You also have the brilliant option of using mass texting software for businesses. This medium allows you to propagate your message amongst the audience and apprise them about your products and services. As most of the customers are tech-savvy now, they will stay engaged with this communication style and develop interest in buying the products provided by your company.

In addition to this, you can also introduce e-coupons for your services and conduct event at different locations to spread the word about your upcoming company.

The Story Of The Ubiquitous Zipper

The YSL bags for the classy lady will be incomplete without the equally elegant and unique zippers imprinted with the YSLlogo on them.But did you ever spare a thought to the ubiquitous zipper?

The Cut throat business of fashion accessories like handbags, wallets, and purses has seen the rise of several affordable brands while the top position is still held by the likes of YSL, Coach, Louise Vuitton, and Kate Spade.

The pricey nature of these brands has also given rise to the counterfeit industry which caters to a majority of the public. One of the key areas where the counterfeit products fail is the hardware. Take the example of the mundane zipper, where the counterfeits fail miserably and rob an almost perfect replica of the original its class and elegance. Often poorly made zips are used, sometimes even plastic which fails hopelessly.

With regards to the original zips, you will be amazed to know that a major rivalry reigns between the two top Asian firms which supply zips to all leading fashion brands. YKK, the Japanese firm is the largest producer of zips in the world closely followed by and constantly threatened by the Chinese brand SBS.

These brands have moved from mid-market to the luxury brands and their focus is on specific development and designs. The need to be unique is rampant among all the luxury brands and one of the key areas of focus remains the shape, the size and the metal of the zippers used on the product.

To stay in thecompetition and to create a niche for themselves, brands like YKK have decided to innovate and focus not only on the zippers but also on the equipment that is used to manufacture these items. With the constant limelight on the ecosystem, this brand is also focusing on synergistic production cycles allowing them to customize their products.

Working With Amino Acids

Protein and Amino acid supplements have become integral to the training and fitness regimes of athletes everywhere. Other than the risk of being given something that could have banned substances which will show up in a dope test, everything else about a protein or amino acid supplement is above board.

Like all things, amino acids should also be taken in moderation, as well as the right ration. Amino acid supplements contain a cluster of BCAA (branched chain amino acids) that absorb extremely easily into the human body and can help an athlete maintain their physique as well as build necessary muscle mass and weight.

For those who are new to this, you need to know about ratios. A BCAA contains Valine, isoleucine, leucine. This cluster is what is responsible for the positive effects of amino acids in your body. Among these amino acids, it is leucine that is responsible for the muscle growth. So, this means that the highest ration in your BCAA supplement should be of leucine.

For those asking “what BCAA ratio is good”? it will do you well to remember that the following information should be adhered to the letter! Research has shown that sportspersons who used a supplement which had more leucine reported better muscle mass.

The most recommended dose of amino acid supplement is 2:1:1. Since leucine is so critical to muscle growth a lot of makers assume that loading up a supplement with more leucine is better for you. However, that is not the case. It is better to have a proportionate amount of BCAAs ingested rather than a high amount. You could risk some serious side effects.

While it is possible to just take in supplements to increase your fitness, don’t discount the role of actual hard work that goes into creating the best version of your body!

Essential Features To Look For In Your DSLR

Like with other products that you often buy, buying a camera is no different. Even if the cameras that you are looking for are DSLR cameras the first thing you will search for are the cheapest DSLR deals.  This is not an impossible feat if you scout around properly and do your research well you are sure to find some great deals for the exact product you are looking for. The only thing that you need to narrow down is the essential features that you would like your DSLR to have. Here are some important features that are must haves in every DSLR. Take your pick and chose a camera that has most of them-

  • A removable memory card which occupies very little space and is useful in transferring photos easily to other devices.
  • Anti-shake feature to take control of moments when your hands are not steady
  • burst mode to enable taking multiple shots successively to get the exact image that you want to capture
  • For exclusive and detailed close-ups a macro mode allows you to focus from short distances
  • control amount of light with the auto exposure feature
  • The correct amount of illumination ensures that your pictures are clear and this can be done with the help of a focus-assist lamp that automatically switches on when there is insufficient light.
  • Autofocus features is an important feature as the lens automatically recognizes the area in focus and automatically gets
  • Face recognition feature provided the best exposure especially for portraits and wide angle shots for more number of people in the frame.
  • Aperture control is a feature that most professional photographers look for as it helps in the balancing of light and the shutter speed.
  • Video facility is also available in some cameras but it is of a low resolution.
  • Voice recording features are available for those who like to save conversations as memories related to the occasion or event being captured.

Key Factors When Buying A Flashlight

Whenever you are planning to buy a flashlight, you must keep in mind some of the key factors. Since there are many brands in the market for a flashlight, it can really be very confusing to decide upon a specific one. Some of the factors that can be helpful while choosing the strongest light you can buy are as follows:

You need to check the output of the light and don’t forget to check what type of battery is used. Try to learn about how long its battery can last and whether it is rechargeable or not.

An ideal flashlight should not have a very heavy weight and of a huge size. This can be otherwise very difficult to carry. Look for the one which doesn’t need much space if you carry it in a bag and must be light weight which makes it more portable.

Don’t compromise with the quality of the brightness of the light just for some extra bucks. Using advanced bulb, circuitry technology, and the battery can make the price of a flashlight in the higher side. In fact, if it comes with a rechargeable battery then for obvious reasons, its cost will increase.

Another crucial factor is to check if the flashlight is waterproof since you might use it during the rainy season or you might use it around other water bodies. In the market, you will come across flashlights of various materials, some are made up of aluminum alloy and some are made up of plastic. In some of these flashlights, the head is of stainless steel to resist extra impact.

They also come in various shapes like cylindrical but due to its tendency to roll, some are designed keeping in mind to resist the light from rolling by providing a strong grip and hence it reduces slipping.


Ultrasonic Gas Detectors In Industrial Applications

You can never take the safety of the workers and the plant lightly especially in petrochemical industry, oil rigs, and other manufacturing units. The inflammable and toxic gasses can cause serious harm not only to humans and animals but also the environment at large. That is the reason, all industries must initiate a predictive maintenance schedule in place to be aware of any faults before it is too late.

One of the most common techniques used in plants is to check for gas leaks. There are various types of equipment used for doing these tests. Gas detectors are the most common devices used to the recognize gas leaks.

This device is commonly a part of the safety system of any maintenance kit.Not all gasses are accompanied by odor making it difficult to identify a leak before it is too late. But these devices can detect all kinds of gas leaks and emissions. It sounds an alarm when it detects a leak giving the workers opportunity to escape from the peril at hand.


Some of these devices use ultrasound to detect leaks, they have acoustic sensors which recognize the change in the background noise and identify high-pressure gas leaks. use acoustic sensors to detect changes in the background noise of its environment.

These devices produce an alarm when they detect any abnormal deviation in sound from the normal background noise. They cannot detect the exact concentration of a gas in the leak, they can merely point out the fact that there is a leak and determine the leak rate.

These devices are predominantly used outdoors for remotely sensing gas leaks. Usually, because of the weather, the gas fails to connect with the normal sensors and therefore no alarm is set off. This is a hazardous situation for any plant necessitating the use of the ultrasonic devices.

These devices are commonly found on all offshore and onshore oil or gas platforms, gas stations, gas turbine power plants and any other facility that uses gas or external pipelines.


Adding An Extra Display To Your Computer Setup

With all the right cables and connectors, you can add one or more additional monitors either to your existing desktop computer or your laptop. Here is a USB monitor guide to give you an insight into the benefits of a USB monitor over the conventional monitors.

When it comes to adding extra displays to make a multi-display configuration be it at home or office, the popular choice is the USB monitor. These monitors are more portable versions of the conventional monitors and they come with a USB port for powering them. So you would not need an additional power outlet to power the monitor. Plug the USB cable and connect the monitor and install any required software to support the monitor and you are good to go.

Expandability is one of the main benefits that a USB monitor offers. You can easily connect multiple monitors at the same time without much of hardware and software modifications to your existing computer. This feature is particularly helpful in customer helpdesk kiosks. In point of         sale and point of purchase terminals, the same display can be relayed on one monitor at the employee’s end and the other one at the customer’s end. As USB monitors come with straightforward setup process, you do not need any complicated connections or cables to get them installed.

Their portability makes them a great choice for the office scenario as well. And in case you wish to display something to a customer or a client, without a projector at hand, you can simply plug a USB monitor to your laptop and display your presentation etc. The portable USB monitors are also small and lightweight making them compact options to be carried along with the laptop. USB technology is also known for the security in terms of the file transfer. So you have a secure solution which is also compact and energy efficient.

How To Buy Safe YouTube Views

YouTube is a popular social medium these days and posting a video is very easy, however getting people to view these videos is not so easy. Only when views increase it comes on top of searches and then the video and its content become popular. Thus it is important to have the count of views increased.

While one can just post the video and hope it will get popular by itself but here the odds are one in a million, no matter how good or bad your content is. What one can do instead is try to market the video by informing your friends and relatives. However this would also make it maybe count to a hundred views but not in thousands. For companies trying to sell a product or people who run YouTube channels this is never enough.

The solution lies in buying YouTube views. Yes there are companies that sell YouTube views. Here is a step by step process to buy safe YouTube views.

  1. Find a genuine website that sells YouTube views. There are companies that use bots to just increase your view count. However this is most likely to be identified by Google and other search engines and blacklist you. Hence it is important to find a company that sells genuine views.
  2. One can also do some research and read reviews about such sites this would help in finding out a good site and not get cheated.
  3. Once you have decided on the site then pick a package that you want. A package would have the cost for a thousand views, ten thousand views etc. Pick a package that fits your budget and marketing plan.
  4. Create a login to the site give your details, the YouTube URL and other information that is requested
  5. Pay the amount using credit card or PayPal or any other accepted means.

That’s it, it is quite easy.