Complete Information About Working Of A Chainsaw

Chainsaw brings the revolution in sawing industries as this is capable of doing the same work in one third time than a sawyer. The chainsaw work on basic principle and that is to rotate the bladed chain on guide bar. There are many types of chainsaw available in market but the difference in everyone is about power source. The gasoline chainsaw works on mixture of oil with gasoline and electrical chainsaw work on battery or external power sources. When the chainsaw was invented then it was very large in size and it wasn’t portable.

Which kind of Work You Can Do With Chainsaw Can Do?

This depend on you that which kind of work you want to do. Gasoline chainsaws are used in felling trees and remove it fast. If you try to use a battery powered chainsaw in cutting trees then that will end up getting stuck due to less power. The electrical chainsaws are use in pruning trees and most of the gardeners use it. A battery powered chainsaw is also usable in shrubbery around your home or removing small trees. When you use a chainsaw then the electrical motor rotate the chain around guide bar. You have to press the clutch in order to decide the speed.

Deep Inside Working Of A Chainsaw

When you pull the starter rope then the crankshaft rotate which is connected to piston. The piston is in cylinder which has two holes; one for gasoline and air but second one is for exhaust. As the piston move down then the intake port open up for fuel and air.  Now the piston move to upward direction which leads close the intake port so that vacuum can be created inside. When there is vacuum inside then the spark plug ignite the gasoline and this small blast push piston down which open up the exhaust port for smoke.