Wireless Guitar Systems Versus Wired Guitar Systems

The advance in technology has its effects on musical instruments and accessories and as to how ‘live’ stage performances are being conducted world-over. And, the change can be felt in performances where guitar is a much-needed instrument and comparisons between the tonal quality of the wired and wireless versions cannot be avoided.

Wireless Guitar Setup:

A look at why the fuss around the wireless systems, will tell you that these systems spell sheer convenience in terms of movement on stage and cut down on the hassles of cables and wires running all over the stage. They do not improve the tonal quality as such, but a good system does not deteriorate it as well. In fact, a good wireless system brings out the tonal quality of the guitar instrument and presents it as it is, clear and loud.

A good quality analogue wireless system can protect the tone of your guitar and needs to be suitably equipped to compress the dynamic audio range in the transmitter and expand in the receiver. Though this kind of system can probably not recover the original audio signal as it is.

With the advent of digital wireless guitar setups, the audio signal is transmitted from analogue to a digital convertor, where the full dynamic range of the input signals are transmitted and received fully.

Wired Guitar Setup:

A good wired system on the other hand can be tailored to suit the frequency range of your instruments be it electrical, bass, or acoustic. They tend to reduce the noise interference, because they protect the conductor from any electrical interference. However, it is prudence to shield the cables from possible sources of interference like radios, power supplies etc.,

The capacitance and connectors need to be of excellent quality, and the cables must have a good screening capacity and great frequency response, if the wired system must produce the desired effects.

The Conclusion: bot the wired and wireless guitar setups come with their own pros and cons. With a good quality brand/product, both deliver flawless professional results. It may be worthwhile to spend extra on an excellent wireless system that spells convenience and ease-of-use.