How To Maintain A Heat Press – Read The Reviews

A Heat Press requires proper maintenance periodically. Without periodic maintenance, then one cannot expect the device to function properly in a long term. Rather than attending to a repair after the heat press is damaged, it is important to take preventative measures.

Here are some common factors that need to be taken care of during the periodic maintenance check of a heat press. In addition to the below factors, make sure to have a checklist of other things to look upon based on your instrument.


The surface temperature of the machine needs to be checked for. This can be done with the help of a pyrometer. If not, one can use a digital thermometer or heat resistant strips. But pyrometer and heat-resistant strips are the best because both of them are more consistent in showing the reading than the infrared thermometers.


The pressure over the surface of the platen needs to be checked for consistency. The pressure should be consistent across the platen and this can be found out by using a dollar bill. The dollar bill is hanged halfway on and off the heat press. When the heat press is closed, it should be firmly held. If it can be pulled out without any effort, then it needs a service. It can also be done with plain paper.


Most of the mechanical machines need grease to function smoothly. While doing maintenance, you would require either grease guns or spray lubricants based on the type of machine you are using. Make sure that the lubricant or grease you are using is resistant to the heat. Also, the greasing should be done based on instructions from the manufacturer.

For maintenances, it is important to do monthly checks on the above three factors. It is always best to buy heat press from authorized dealers as they provide before and after support. Find a good dealer based on genuine heat press reviews over here.