The Story Of The Ubiquitous Zipper

The YSL bags for the classy lady will be incomplete without the equally elegant and unique zippers imprinted with the YSLlogo on them.But did you ever spare a thought to the ubiquitous zipper?

The Cut throat business of fashion accessories like handbags, wallets, and purses has seen the rise of several affordable brands while the top position is still held by the likes of YSL, Coach, Louise Vuitton, and Kate Spade.

The pricey nature of these brands has also given rise to the counterfeit industry which caters to a majority of the public. One of the key areas where the counterfeit products fail is the hardware. Take the example of the mundane zipper, where the counterfeits fail miserably and rob an almost perfect replica of the original its class and elegance. Often poorly made zips are used, sometimes even plastic which fails hopelessly.

With regards to the original zips, you will be amazed to know that a major rivalry reigns between the two top Asian firms which supply zips to all leading fashion brands. YKK, the Japanese firm is the largest producer of zips in the world closely followed by and constantly threatened by the Chinese brand SBS.

These brands have moved from mid-market to the luxury brands and their focus is on specific development and designs. The need to be unique is rampant among all the luxury brands and one of the key areas of focus remains the shape, the size and the metal of the zippers used on the product.

To stay in thecompetition and to create a niche for themselves, brands like YKK have decided to innovate and focus not only on the zippers but also on the equipment that is used to manufacture these items. With the constant limelight on the ecosystem, this brand is also focusing on synergistic production cycles allowing them to customize their products.